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Sarah, 7month old

"My 7 month old son was waking up every 2-3 hours overnight, we had tried 'everything' and were getting cranky & desperate so I contacted Dream Sleepers for help. Anna was super quick to respond, providing options to try immediately as well as some tweaks to our daytime routine. It helps that Anna had a 12 month old & has been through it all recently. I'm relieved to say our little man is sleeping so much better and has even done a few 7pm-7am nights which we thought would never happen! It's a huge improvement & we are all so much happier getting some actual sleep now."

Kyla, 6month old

"Robbi my 6 month old daughter was unable to self settle ( my fault as I rocked her to sleep every sleep) which ended up resulting in her waking every 45mins to 2 hours.
I approached Anna for some gentle settling techniques as long periods of crying isn’t for me. Anna helped with feeding and nap time routines as well.
Robbi is sleeping much better now, achieving her 2 hour midday sleep and waking minimal times throughout the night/

Anna is a Life/ sleep saver xx"

Marina, newborn

"Amazing results thanks to Anna’s expert advice! In just a few days our newborn went from being difficult to settle, have brief naps, not sleeping in the bassinet or pram..to being a dream baby. Now weeks later he is still sleeping and feeding well and we are all happy. Thanks Anna!"

Robby, 9 week old

"Anna was very helpful in putting together a plan for our baby. We have noticed a real change in his sleep patterns and have even managed to get our baby to sleep through the night with Anna's methods. This plan has really helped in showing us new ways to help settle and achieve a longer sleep cycle for our baby. Thanks again"

Rachel, 18month old

"I am so grateful to Anna for helping my husband and I get our sleep back. Prior to this we were walking zombies. Anna wrote a very thorough plan for us to follow with my 18 month old who had been relying on us to get to sleep and go back to sleep overnight. She also took the time to learn all the finer details of Harry’s sleep history in order to customise our plan. Within DAYS Harry was sleeping through from 7-7am! It was such a fast and painless transition to better nights for our little boys and his parents. Thank you Anna, five star sleep consultant!"

Laura, 5 month old

Our 4.5 month boy, Max was waking every 45 mins to an hr overnight. One night, we got 90 mins sleep! He was also in my arms for EVERY day nap. Or I would walk for hours at a time just so he could get some sleep. Any time I’d place him in his cot, he would instantly wake up. 
Then, we found Anna! 
Anna instantly set up a nap/feeding routine for us and gave us some gentle techniques to help Max settle and sleep in his cot. Not only does Max sleep in his cot for naps and ALL night with very minimal wakes, he is also SO much happier! 
Anna has been there at every stage and for every question we have had, without fail. 
We cannot thank her enough. In short, she has been amazing! 
Thank you Anna!!