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Full sleep assessment with ongoing support

The most popular and effective option includes a full written assessment and very thorough sleep plan, with one initial 30min phone call, and two follow up phone calls booked in to help guide you through the implementation of your sleep plan and alter as required. Text and email message service for questions also available over the two weeks of support to ensure we are on the right track.This is an in depth package and gives you the right tools to guide you to success.


In Home assessment

The more personalised comprehensive approach. I will come to your home, assess your childs sleep environment, routine, behaviour and provide hands on tips for settling and sleep training, depending on  your baby's age. This is suitable for all age groups up to 18months, and particularly a great way for parents to get help with settling their newborns. 
A full assessment will also be provided (email), and four ten minute phone calls for ongoing support.


Phone consultation

Spend 45min on the phone talking with a sleep consultant. Here we can try and troubleshoot where the problems lie, and how best to make changes. This can work for parents who just need a bit of guidance around troubleshooting, and have a good routine in place. You can ask any questions about sleep! However it is important to note you will not receive any written plan or assessment, or handouts on sleep training. Feel free to call and discuss if this option is right for you.

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Evening home consultation

Have a home consultation during the time of often most challenging when it comes to a child's sleep. Available from 6-8pm, negotiable. Full assessment, plan and 2 weeks of support provided.


Phone support package (add on)

If you have received your sleep plan, but would like more support to get things right at any point over your childs training, then this is an excellent add on constituting of two 15min phone calls, plus email or text support for two weeks

Mothers group session

Get a group together and we can talk all things sleep, at a location convenient for you all. General sleep hygiene, age appropriate routines, settling tools etc, Minimum 6 people.

$25 per person