Windy babies

Wind in babies is all very normal, and is related to digestion. Wind stretches the tummy and can cause tummy pains, leading baby to be unsettled. It’s important to remember that newborns can be upset, grizzly and not sleep well for a number of reasons, but often wind unfairly gets blamed for most of this behaviour.

There are several reasons why some babies have excessive wind:

· Babies may have an increased amount of wind due to an incorrect latch at the breast or bottle, or gulping due to a fast let down or the teat size is too large.

· Babies with an intolerance, or the introduction of solids too early can cause wind and tummy pains

· Crying causes babies to swallow air

Some things that you can do to help relieve wind in your baby

· Check babies latch at the breast or the bottle, it may worth seeing a lactation consultant to help ensure this.

· If you have a fast letdown, burping baby after the letdown so that you are not loading milk on top of gas already in the tummy.

· Tummy time can help move wind around, and relieve baby

· Doing bicycle legs with your baby will help with gas movement too

· Burp baby after all feeds

· Probiotics can help with digestion and colic

· Check baby isn’t being exposed to allergens- dairy also often gets blamed excessively, very few babies actually have a genuine intolerance, and it’s important to remember that breast feeding mothers need to eliminate dairy for two weeks before it will exit their system completely.

· Hydrolysed or 100% whey based formula for formula fed babies.

There are a number of over the counter “remedies” for windy babies, however there is limited evidence behind most of these, and certainly limited evidence that medications such as simethicone drops help with colic.

With all of my newborn/infant routines we ensure daytime feeds are largely placed before play, so that babies have time to let wind be relieved, rather than trying to settle a baby immediately after a feed. If you would like help with establishing a better routine for your baby, Dream Sleepers will be more than happy to help!


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