What are my baby's tired signs?

Here we will take a look at babies tired signs, as once you recognise your baby's tired signs, you will be able to catch the moment, and get your baby to sleep quick smart, as every new parent will soon learn that an overtired baby is a crying baby. Often parents mistake their baby for one that is colicky, has reflux, teething….the reasons are endless, but so often this is not the case, and its just simply tiredness.

For the first couple of weeks your newborn may seem pretty chilled- they eat, sleep, poop and repeat. But as time goes on, and your baby spends more time awake, you may implement a feed play sleep style. And it is during this play time, that we need to be vigilant and monitor for signs its time to get baby ready for sleep. The difference between ready for sleep, and overtired can literally be 5-10min for a newborn. This will be evident as they cry, fight the swaddle, fight going to bed, and are difficult to get drowsy.

Tired signs include:

· Your baby might start staring into the distance or have a fixed stare.

· Their movements may become jerky

· Your baby might become disengaged with toys, for example they were batting their play gym and have now stopped

· They might be “chatting more”, or have a second wind of energy- this is actually a sign that your baby needed bed 10min ago!

· If you are feeding your baby, the suck may become weaker

· Making fists

· Fussing

· Sucking fingers

· Yawning is a late tired sign, and you have already missed the prime window

See any of these, it’s time to get your baby ready for bed pronto! Sometimes it can be hard to see these tired signs, and that’s why watching the clock is really important and ensuring your baby has not been awake for too long. For newborns the maximum they should really be awake for is 1hour, and this includes feeding. By the time they are 6 weeks, this would have increased to 1.5hours, and by 12 weeks 1hr 45min. As babies get even older, it may be harder to see tired signs, and only notice overtired signs such as not eating meals, getting clumsy, and the obvious unsettled behaviour. Once they are toddlers and you let them skip a nap or stay up late, they quickly move through hyperactivity and deliriously happy, to a full blown tantrum almost in one breath. This is why having a good routine with strict awake windows can assure your baby won’t be getting overtired. If you would like Dream Sleepers to help establish an age appropriate routine, then get in touch now.


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