Daylight savings tips for better sleep


Summer is approaching fast, not to mention daylight savings! This weekend we will see our clocks turning forward by 1 hour, and as much as we will enjoy the lighter evenings, it can initially cause a bit of havoc for our little ones sleep. If you have an early riser, no this will not mean that if your baby wakes at 5:30, he or she will now wake at 6:30. If only it was that simple! Baby’s/toddlers circadian rhythms are way too smart for this!

In order to avoid too much disruption, we can start to prepare for the change this week. Below I have outlined a guide as to how to adjust your child’s bedtime this week, so that when Sunday comes around, we have our child close to a normal routine. This is most important for babies under 9months, when overtiredness is more of a struggle.

Note you will need to adjust meal times in conjunction with naps/bedtime as food is a cue that can affect circadian clocks.


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