8 Month old, self settling, controlled crying

CASE STUDY – Oscar 8 months.

Oscar is a healthy 8 month old, who was waking every 2-3 hours overnight, and parents were needing to give him a bottle to calm him down. He was able to self-settle at the start of naps and bedtime, with minimal fuss, however, his lunch nap was not consolidated, and was unable to resettle overnight, and was probably waking from habit.

Mum and dad were given several options of training methods, but chose controlled crying as it suited his temperament and their level of comfort. Oscar learnt very quickly, and within a couple of days his crying was minimal, if at all, at the start of naps. He also learnt to self-settle overnight too, sometimes waking up crying, but as his parents left him for appropriate intervals as per their Dream Sleepers guide, he was able to put himself back to sleep. The lunch nap has improved significantly, although some days he struggles to get the full 2 hours, he is at least getting 1.5 hours. We are hoping that continued training, this will improve.

He was still getting a dream feed, but he was too old to have this now, and was likely contributing to his overnight wakings. We dropped this feed altogether, and waited for Oscar to wake on his own accord for his feed. The aim was to only have one feed overnight. After implementing the sleep training, he was not waking until around 1am, which was fantastic. This would then be his only feed overnight. He occasionally woke around 4am, but took himself back to sleep.

We aimed to increase calorie intake throughout the day, so we added in a milk feed around morning tea time, as currently was not having milk or solids between breakfast and lunch. We also ensured the meat protein was given at lunch, and advised mum on quantities.

Overall, mum and dad are absolutely thrilled with the changes in such a short amount of time, and are pleased their child is a much happier baby throughout the day, not to mention only getting woken to feed once a night!

Here is an example of a sleep log from mum that she filled out:


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