Your Questions Answered

What are your qualifications?

I studied through Baby Sleep Consultant Training, who's program is recognised through the international institute of complementary therapies. All of our information is evidence and science based, and is in line with the AAP and WHO recommendations. I am also a registered nurse and work part time in a major Melbourne hospital.

Will I get my money back if sleep training fails?

I will offer a refund when I am certain that the sleep plan has been followed and there has been little or no improvement in sleep. I do not offer any refund when I can recognise there are inconsistencies between the plan and what is being implemented at home. Before we go down this path, I can adjust the plan if necessary to allow more consistency for you, provided it meets my philosophy of sleep training. I will need you to provide some sleep logs so I can thoroughly assess what needs to be changed in order to succeed, or to be able to offer a refund.

When do I pay?

I require at least 50% deposit when you return your intake form. The remaining amount will need to be paid before your sleep assessment/plan is provided.

How long before my childs sleep will improve?

This largely depends on what needs to be changed, and the methods we use to change it. Most clients will see improvements after a week or two, however, some approaches can take much longer. Expectations can be discussed during your consultation.

Do you provide free phone consultations before we decide on what package we would like?

I am happy to answer any questions around the sleep training process and what would be the right fit for your family prior to any payment. However as each child is unique, more in depth information is required, therefore the phone consultation is performed after your deposit has been paid. You can however, change what package you would like after this consultation.

What methods do you use?

I will make sure our plan encompasses your parenting style, whether it be really gentle parents, or parents that are comfortable with crying. The plan needs to suit both parents and the baby's temperament, so this will be considered when we choose our plan together.

What is the process?

When you have decided you are ready for change, I will send you a questionnaire to complete. I will then review it and identify things we need to work on, and then have a phone consultation with you. I will then provide a multipage thorough sleep assessment. We will then have contact within 48hours of you implementing the plan, and then arrange further phone support as required. I offer a text/email support service also, depending on your package. I will likely require you to keep daily food/sleep logs so that I can understand exactly what is happening at home.

When will you reply to my messages and emails?

As I am working with a number of clients, I will try and respond in a timely manner, and within the same business day. I prefer communication to be done during business hours, however there may be times when evening communication is more appropriate.